Geo Maxim & F Marti French Art Deco Garniture

ART DECO-Modernism


Designer VerificationSigned
Country of origin
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 9.5 - Length: 24

This is a stunning piece, of great quality, in amazing condition and huge!  The clock alone is 60 cms or two feet wide, then with the side pieces it really is an imposing garniture.  


It came to me from a clock maker who had revised it over the years for a client, who then needed to raise some funds.


I have never come across a clock of this age which has been so well looked after.


The sculpture by Georges Maxim is of a very popular subject (sculptures of young ladies, especially for the art deco era) are constantly sought after, and with her short dress and bob haircut, this lady is beautiful and perfect.


The geometric form of the whole set is emphasised further by the detailing of the  black lines which draw the eye into the clock face making the sculptures almost incidental.


 The clock mechanism is second to none.  Not only has it been well maintained, it was of a very high quality when it was built. Made and signed by F Marti, this mechanism won medals in 1889.  It is such a pleasure and privilege to see and handle such a high quality item.  All the pieces - the pendulum, the key and the bell are the originals and present.


All the marble, alabaster and onyx are in great condition. At one time I think the bird of paradise had another support under her, but I presume it was though un-necessary and now she certainly seems to be taking flight without any problems.

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