After Dali Plate - Unicorn Dyonisiaque-

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Measures (Inches)
- Diameter: 8

1971 annual plate "Unicorn Dyonisiaque" by Salvador Dali

The first solid sterling silver plate ever created featuring the work of Salvador Dali.

Your plate is a result of the superb artistry of the world's most famous living surrealist artist : Salvador Dali

The dedication to quality of one of  the world's foremost private mint.

The Lincoln Mint in order to create a plate worthy of the finest collections, was fortunate to be able to quire, from the Dali, the exclusive right to reproduce his Unicorn Dyonisiaque. Only After Dali was thoroughly convinced the Lincoln Mint had the ability to reproduce every line, every dimension and the true spirit of the original work on its entirety. Dis he give hos permissions for us to do so.

The Unicorn Dyonisiaque is a forerunner of a series of annual plates planned by the Lincoln mint for future years. Each will be a masterpiece for its own rights,  as is for present one.