East Coast Frolics. 1933

ART DECO-Modernism



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Condition A Linen Backed

East Coast Frolics. 1933

Artist: FRANK NEWBOULD (1887-1950)

Size: 25 x 39 1/2 in.

Printer: Chorley & Pickersgill, Ltd. Lith., Leeds

Condition: A
A set of six [Newbould] posters [were] exhibited in the 1933 LNER Poster Exhibition at the New Burlington Galleries in London. These simple posters use humour to entice the viewer to the east-coast resorts” (Railway Posters, p. 146). With an array of indigenous, fish, foul and amphibians, the artist created ”humanized” reasons to come to “The Drier Side” of the island; in this case, a jazzy underwater seafood/shellfish combo plays the blues–a good, vacation sort of blues, that is. Newbould started the landscape school of English poster design and achieved great impact through his use of flat, solid colors. He was one of the few artists working on British railway posters who was also a fine lithographer. Calling him “one of our best-known designers,” Austin Cooper described his works as characterized by “simplified realism, a masterly use of harmonious color, an irreproachable sense of values, a ruthless elimination of unnecessary detail” (Cooper, p. 89)