Original 1929 Deco Poster - Anthonis (Pianos)

ART DECO-Modernism


Designer VerificationNone
Condition A - Linen Backed

Anthonis. ca. 1929.
Size: 44 1/4 x 62 in./112.4 x 157.5 cm
Condition: A.
Printer: E. Stockmans, Anvers

Based in Antwerp, Anthonis was once the city’s largest music shop, specializing in pianos. Here, an anonymous artist presents a crisp geometric design in promotion of the firm.

The firm of J. Gunther was established in Brussels in 1845 by Jacquest-Nicolas Gunther. Gunther’s family was third generation piano builders, and he set out to create his own firm at a young 23 years of age. The firm quickly became very successful, becoming one of the most important piano builders in Belgium. Gunther exported pianos with metal frames which were more durable than most European pianos of the era. Gunther’s brother, Henri Gunther, lived in Chile and was an active importer of J. Gunther instruments to that country. One of Gunther’s most notable instruments was a rosewood piano-buffett which was exhibited at the national exhibition in Brussels. Gunthers also received awards at the 1867 Exhibition Universalle in Paris for his ‘cross strung’ pianos. J. Gunther died at age 46, and his widow, Anna Hennet Gunther, assumed directorship of the firm until their son Louis-Joseph Gunther was old enough to control operations in the 1870s. The firm continued to build exceptional pianos through the early 20th Century, and many instruments were sold under the label of “J. Gunther & Son”. In 1921 the company was sold to Louis Anthonis, a Belgian piano manufacturer, who continued to build pianos under the Gunther name until the 1960’s era