Antique Native American Papoose Cradle Board

Early 20th Century-Modernism


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Measures (Inches)
- Height: 29 - Length: 13 - Depth: 8

Authentic, original, Antique  Native American Papoose Cradle Board handcrafted with rich gold deer skin leather. 
Cradle boards are constructed differently in different tribes. The cradleboard frame is usually carved from wood, but some Native Americans weave the frame like a basket instead. Many tribes make cradleboards with wooden hoops attached to the top. This hoop acts like a roll bar to protect the baby's head if the cradleboard should fall over.
Traditionally, some Native cradleboards were smaller -just 29" x 13" in this case- and were intended to be carried by an adult (in many tribes, these cradleboards had leather straps attached so that they could be worn like a backpack.) Others were larger and had feet so that they could be propped up in one place

Measures: 29" high x 13" wide x 8" deep the basket.