Nobility of Time by Salvador Dali

Designer VerificationNone
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 24 - Length: 15 - Depth: 12

Salvador Dali sculpture, signed and numbered 55 / 350.
The expressive power of this work stems from the conceptual metamorphosis of Dalí’s view of the nature and meaning of Time - in a symbolic dimension that leads the observer to oscillate around  the enigmatic concepts of Time and cross the threshold of an awareness of the relativity of Space and Time. 
The work demonstrates a will to bring the power of paranoia inside the sculpture itself, and allows Dalí to penetrate deeply into many facets of Time’s themes.
It symbolizes Time, as a memory of the past, preserved by its roots, which cling to a huge stone, which provides the base of the sculpture. (from the daliuniverse)