Trilogy of Love Portfolio by Salvador Dali

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Measures (Inches)
- Height: 30 - Width: 21 1/2

The trilogy of love.
Salvador Dali at the age of 72,  has created  his tribute to true lasting love "The trilogy of love". Dali married to and still in deeply love with his wife of forty years, has in a reflective, romantic and serious mood created the trilogy. As a momentum for his love to Gala, his wife, and is also a tribute to all lovers who find the secrets of lasting and eternal love.
Never has he so masterfully and beautifully depicted in his surrealistic terms the hazards and joys of love. Viewing these master graphics of Dali we are constantly reminded of the genius if this great artist, his understanding of life and love and his ability to communicate this in his language art.
I.  Love's Promise
II. The Prince of Love
III. The Eternity of Love
These works are certified as uthentic by Frank Hunter of Salvador Dali Archives. 
All lithographs are signed and numbered 142/150