Space Elephant Sculpture by Salvador Dali




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Elephant space sculpture by Salvador Dali, signed and numbered 54/350.
This sculpture is inspired in Dali painting of 1946 "the temptation of st Anthony". Dalí created the image of an elephant in the Egyptian desert carrying an obelisk, a symbol of the presence and progress of technology in the modern world
Elephants are recurring theme in  woks of Dali, The elephant is symbol of strength, dominance and power due to their bulk and weight. Dalí contrasts these typical associations by giving the elephants long, spindly, almost arachnid-like legs, once described as "multijointed almost invisible legs of desire" Dalí enhances the appearance of strength and weight by depicting the elephants carrying massive obelisks on their backs, however, on close inspection it can be seen that these weights are floating. The obelisks on the backs of the elephants are believed to be inspired by Gian Lorenzo Bernini's sculpture base in Rome of an elephant carrying an ancient obelisk,and was mentioned in several communications of the artist, so can be considered a reliable claim.
Measures: 36 inches height x 17 inches wide