HUGE Mammoth Antique Japanese Bronze Incense Burner

19th CENTURY-Modernism
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Measures (Inches)
- Height: 99 - Width: 32 - Depth: 25

Circa 1870, A HUGE Mammoth Antique Japanese Bronze Incense Burner, such piece are rarely seen as they were commisioned work of art, intended for  ritual purposes within a large temple. Each segmet is sculpted with auspicious symbols, from the sacred fungus on the base, to legs of stylized elephant heads within wich resides a sculpture of "shishi" or temple lions -a symbol of regal power. The brazier is supported by a series of five sculptures of Makatsugyo dragonfish. The brazier itself is mounted with handles in the form of soaring dragons and the body bears high relief scenes of legendary heroes and birds and flora. The top of the brazier is mounted wit a powerful sculpture of songoku, the Monkey King holding a ritual tripod vessel and subduing a reclcitrant deamon.
This amazing sculpture measures 99 inches high x 32 inches wide x 25 inches deep.
We bought this from Midori Gallery on year 2000 for 40,000 usd