Staircase Woman -Mulher Escada- by D. Ortega

Designer VerificationNone
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 16

Bronze sculpture on a base marble "Staircase Woman" -Mulher Escada- by D. Ortega, this piece was created under the strong influence of Salvador Dali.

Diego Ortega -Algarra-  was born in Valencia in 1937, and brought up in Malaga, Spain.  He has lived in Sao Paulo for over 20 years.  A painter of murals and a sculptor, he studied with Elmer Golner and Ernesto Frioli.


He has been commissioned by large companies and buildings societies to make murals on concrete and metal relief.  In 1979 he started to scuplt in bronze.  His works are found in the best collections in Brazil, Holland, Greece, Japan, The United States, and many other countries all over the world.


Signed "D. Ortega and numbered 36/50.

Base marble is 8" x 8"