Tristan and Isolde Lithograph by Salvador Dali with COA



Designer VerificationNone

Framed , Original Salvador Dali Cooperative Lithograph, in white and black surface  roulux + covered with transparen blue gold, red opaque roulux.

In the world of Dali graphics, the vast majority are what are termed -cooperative graphics- This means that the image was, in fact, Dali's, however the graphic was actually done by photo-mechanical means or by an artisan other than Dali. Publishers approached Dali and requested a contract to reproduce a specific artwork as a graphic. Dali would be paid for both the right to make the graphic and for his signing of them. In most cases Dali had nothing to do with the graphic other than having created the image upon which it was based and then signing. (It is a popular stance to blame Gala for this behavior as she was notorious for 'milking' money for Dali.)

Title: Tristan and Isolde, 1972
Numbered: 168/500
COA is included in the back of the frame.
Insight: 24" x 23"
Overall: 39 3/4" x 39 1/2"