Cuban Tobacco 1940's Advertising Sign

ART DECO-Modernism


Designer VerificationNone

The Comision Nacional de Propaganda y Defensa del Tabaco Habano (The National Commission of Propaganda and Defense of Cuban “Havana” Tobaccos) is mentioned as early as 1902 as a branch of the Agriculture Department.   They exhibited at the 1941 Florida State Fair in Tampa, according to the records of the Burgert Brothers Collection of Tampa Photographs. There are further mentions of the “Comision” in 1927 and in 1946.   This rare sign appears to have been printed in the 1940’s and is in its original condition.   It has an image of the Cuban Revenue Stamp that guarantees authenticity of Cuban cigars exported from Havana (that part is in English across the top of the stamp).   The rest of it is in Spanish and it says that the stamp shown on this sign guarantees that the tobaccos that have the stamp are “for real” or “Legitimate”.   The sign was to be exhibited at any establishment that sold the cigars.    The sign is 10” x 12”,   Has signs of age.