Lurelle Guild Kensington Ware Aluminum Vase, 1930s Art Deco

ART DECO-Modernism
Designer VerificationNone
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 10 - Diameter: 7 1/2

Art Deco, Kensington Ware aluminum Vase, 1930s design by Lurelle Guild

In 1934, Alcoa Aluminum introduced a revolutionary new line of giftware and domestic items designed by American industrial designer Lurelle Guild. Called Kensington Ware, these machine-age pieces were unmistakenly Art Deco in style.

This elegant Kensington Ware vase have a classic flared shape with an interesting  pattern on the base -see photos-. 

Kensington Ware was manufactured in Pittsburgh and New Kensington, Pennsylvania between 1934-1970. Kensington is an aluminum alloy with the advantages of silver, pewter and chromium, yet none of their disadvantages.