Eddie Rickenbacker Hat in the Ring 94th Aero Squadron

ART DECO-Modernism


Designer VerificationNone
Acceptable with Water Spots dont know if intentional

Eddie Rickenbacker was a race car driver who enlisted in 197 and was assigned to the Aviation Section of the Signal Enlisted Reserve Corps.   He served as General Pershing’s staff driver and was able to join a fighter until at the Aviation Training School in Tours, France and in 1918 he was assigned to the 1st Pursuit Group’s 94th Aero Squadron, the “Hat in the Ring” Squadron which eventually led to 69 overall victories.  Promoted to captain in 1919 he continued to fight and returned to the us in 1919 leading the Americans with 26 victories.  In 1938 he purchased Pitcairn Aviation.  After WWI he returned to auto racing and was president of the Indianapolis Speedway.  In 1938 Eddie Rickenbacker bought Eastern Airlines, building it into the most profitable airline of the post-war era.   The “Hat in the Ring” became the motto of the airline and its employees until 1963.   This vintage poster original art has some water stains throughout.    It is 30” x 22” overall.   Eddie Rickenbacker truly was a pioneer for “Speed” both in the automobile racing and the aviation worlds.