Mythological Antique Oil On Canvas Of Aphrodite And Adonis

ART DECO-Modernism


Designer VerificationNone
Country of origin
United Kingdom
Material and techniquesOil painting
Measures (Inches)
- Width: 48.5 - Depth: 2

A Continental Mythological Antique Oil on Canvas of Aphrodite and Adonis

The Classic version of this myth is by Ovid. Kinyras (the son of paphos), had a daughter names Myrrha, the mother of Adonis, who fell in love with her father. The faithful nurse of guilty Myrrha carried on a an incestuous relationship with he father, who was unaware of her identity. When Cinyras found out, he pursued his daughter who fled from his rage. In answer to her prayers, Myrrha was turned into a myrrh tree. She had become pregnant by her father and from the tree was born Adonis, who became a most handsome youth and keen hunter

Aphrodite fell desperately in love with Adonis and warned him of the dangers of the hunt. While he was hungting a wild boar it buried its deep tusk into his groin and Adonis died in the arms of a grief-stricken Aphrodite

UK, Circa 1850

Dimensions: Height 47", Width 48.5", Depth: 2" unframed

Excellent Condition