Rare Brazilian Rosewood French Art Deco Dining Table, Leleu

ART DECO-Modernism
Designer VerificationAttributed
Country of origin
Material and techniquesBrazilian Rosewood, polished nickel, hand polished high gloss Italian polyester
Excellent, hand stripped and refinished to high polish
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 29 - Width: 37 5/8 - Length: 55
Shipping and handling
Worldwide shipping can be arranged upon request

Ultra-rare and magnificent Brazilian Rosewood graces this exceptional vintage 1930's French Art Deco dining table attributed to Jules Leleu. 
The plumes of spectacular Brazilian Rosewood are a feast for the eyes and rarely seen ... Brazilian Rosewood is an endangered wood and has been highly regulated internationally since 1992 by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).  Brazilian Rosewood is considered one of the Rosewoods most at risk of extinction due to the unfettered harvesting that occurred for decades.
This rare table features gorgeous polished nickel faceplates to the rounded feet along with dual polished nickel crosspieces that pierce through the respective table base ends to be visible.
The table has been hand stripped and refinished to an exceptional, mirror-like, smooth-as-glass, high gloss finish using Deco-Dence Gallery's trademark Italian polyester product that is the Rolls-Royce of finishing products on the market today.  The Italian finish is totally water and alcohol impervious and is resilient to bumps, bruises and scratches.
This magnificent French Art Deco dining table can very comfortably seat six.
Note: A spectacular matching large sideboard, smaller server and cloud dining chairs can be custom made to accompany this original table as Deco-Dence Gallery has made replicas of the originals to maintain in our portfolio of custom designs available to the public.  Please inquire as to the matching pieces being expertly replicated if you so desire.  The original sideboard, server and six dining chairs were sold to clients in Los Angeles ... the original dining table remains and is featured in this listing.