900 Silver Egyptian Picture Frame Egyptian Revival

ART DECO-Modernism


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This is one of the most unusual frames I've come across in all of my years doing this wonderful job! It is a 900 silver frame with beautiful Egyptian symbolisms. At the base of the frame is Nebty which is one of the great names used by Egyptian pharoahs. Nebty is represented by the dual symbols of the two ladies of upper and lower Egypt. On the right base of the frame is Nekhbet. She is the vulture goddess and protectress of Upper Egypt. Wadjet is on the left base. She is the goddess associated with Lower Egypt and the Nile Delta. She takes the form of a winged cobra. You can see her tail coiling at the base and her wings unfurled up the sides of the frame. The wings give way to curling lotus flowers which are considered to be the flower of life in Egypt. In the top center is a sun disk.
The frame is marked in 3 places with silver hallmarks, one on the front left, one on the stand, and one on the bar which runs horizontally along the back. It all looks like Arabic writing or hieroglyphs to me, but there is a 900 silver mark that I can make out.
It measures 5 3/4" high x 3 1/2" wide. the photo size is 3 3/4" high x 2" wide approximately. The glass and back are most likely newer replacements.