Story Portrait

Studio 11 

No 1, High Street, Hampton, London, TW12 2GH

+44(0) 7957 433555

Storyportrait  makes modern interactive artworks, but we use a selection of your photographs to make these artworks about you or your family. Each Storyportrait is hand crafted and unique to you. Never are 2 the same.

In the "old" days we had photo albums and we had piles of cine film or prints left in their packets in boxes. Seldom did we see them or ever use them for anything except jogging our memories every year or so. 

These days we have hundreds of digital images stored in folders on our computers or phones and strangely enough we still do very little with them. The story of everyone's life, the memories, the people and the places are buried in these vast, unused archives. 

At Storyportrait we bring those hidden favourites back to your everyday life in the form of an artwork about you, your family or anything you own pictures for.

Storyportrait (in conjunction with our sister company Holovista Ltd) also produce a range of interactive Lenticular Portraits of the Stars which we call Active Icons. In the  Active Icons we use famous photographs of these stars and most artworks have 5 or 6 different pictures in them. One artwork but 5 or 6 different pictures. As with all our artworks the images change as you walk past the picture.