Tri-ang Willys Jeep Pedal Car US Army

Designer VerificationNone
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 20 - Width: 15 - Length: 36

Jeep Willys pedal car  possible from 1953,  car is in his original color, Need to be restored. Tires are about 7" diameter
About Tri-Ang pedal cars:  Three brothers formed toy company Lines Bros. Ltd. in the UK shortly after World War I. Since three lines make a triangle, they came up with the brand name Tri-ang and created a company logo (40K JPEG) in the shape of a triangle. In the 1950s they were one of, if not the largest toy company in the world.

Their pedal cars can be recognized by their narrow rubber tires on large metal wheels. Tri-ang Jeeps, apparently first produced in about 1953, have distinctive headlights which extend sideways beyond the hood. This design probably allowed them to use some of the same bodywork used on other cars such as the "Comet", seen in white in the 1959 Christmas catalogue (50K JPEG), which surprisingly does not include a pedal Jeep.