Original French Poster 1926 - La Syphilis - By Theodora

ART DECO-Modernism



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A- Linen Backed

On linen 32x47 French health poster 1926
Artist -Theodora Pfeifer
Size - 32” x 47.5”

La Syphilis (literally translates to "Syphilis"), the circa 1926 French public health poster created by the "French National League Against the Venereal Peril", warning of the dangers of syphilis (such as passing the disease to children and being the cause of chronic illnesses). Note that this poster features incredible Theodora Pfeifer art of a man and woman kissing with a skull in the background, indicating spreading syphilis is like killing those you have contact with. The French writing on the poster translates to "Syphilis is a social scourge, its victims are countless. Many people are affected without knowing it. Syphilis of parents is one of the main causes of illness and death of newborns and children. A large number of chronic diseases are of syphilitic origin. Syphilis is a serious but fortunately curable disease. For all syphilitic, it is a duty to cure oneself and to avoid transmitting one's evil.”