TERROR FROM THE YEAR 5,000 - Original Movie Poster 1958




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TERROR FROM THE YEAR 5,000 linen 1sh '58 The hideous she-thing!
Albert Kallis - 1958 -Linenbacked One-Sheet Movie Poster (1sh; measures 27" x 41" )

Terror From the Year 5,000, the 1958 Robert J. Gurney Jr. AIP science fiction (sci-fi) time travel horror thriller ("From time unborn... A hideous she-thing!"; "Produced, Directed and Written by Robert J. Gurney"; more intelligent and literate than you might expect; scientists invent a "time machine" that allows them to send objects to the future; they discover that those future creatures are taking the objects they are sent and replacing them with future objects; but then a badly scarred woman from the future travels to the present and scares every little kid who saw this movie back in 1958!) starring Joyce Holden, Ward Costello, Frederic Downs, John Stratton, and Salome Jens (in the title role as the she-thing!). Note that this movie may be the first one to ever show an actual "time machine" (in the modern sense), and the movie "The Terminator" borrows some of the plot of this movie!