Monumental Furturist Style Painting 73 Inches Sq UK artist



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73 X 73 INCHES

Alexander Guy
Born 1962


Artist's Statement:
I am from Fife. I studied at Dundee 1980-84. The strongest influences on my early work were from student trips and holidays. I saw Philip Guston paintings in Amsterdam, Max Beckmann in London and the Mexican Muralists in London too. I loved Greek, Turkish, Eastern art and music. These discoveries and the tacky realism of living in Dundee during Thatcher's Britain, resulted in my early social-realist, figurative, narrative paintings, though an ongoing obsession with pop-culture, music and cinema was evident at that early stage.
Then I studied at the Royal College of Art in London, 1985-87, which was a richly rewarding time. I had two children too. I saw Frieda Kahlo, Posada, Leger, Warhol and more. I studied Islamic art, I played music in Country & Western and Rockabilly bands, I read.
After graduating, I stayed in London and commuted to Glasgow School of Art as a part-time tutor. This continued for 5 years.
In 1990 I was invited to work in New York where I spent 3 wonderful years. During this time I also worked in Memphis, Tennessee. The main topics in the work were Pop-Stars, martyred Celebrities, dead Pop-Stars becoming Saints. This was my 'Elvis' period. This work was exhibited globally in "Elvis & Marilyn Immortal".
I returned to London's East end 1994-99. During this period, I did residencies in Southern Spain and Karlsruhe, Germany. Themes from this period were domestic goods, everyday objects and cheap gadgets etc. I showed my work extensively through Europe and U.K in the mid to late 90's.
During this period I also started work as a tutor at University of Dundee in 1997-2003, initially, again, commuting from London. I finally committed to a full-time post in Dundee in 2000 and, expecting my third child, moved there. I lived and taught there for 3 years, eventually leaving in 200 to concentrate and focus more fully on my own work again. The work I made in Dundee was concerned with issues such as censorship, controversy, media manipulation, child abuse, pornography etc. Dark issues in dark times.
So in complete contrast I moved to sunny Perpignan, once more a full-time Artist and embarked on a large body of work based around my environment there - Gypsy culture, Flamenco, sensuality and tenderness. I studied Modigliani, French cinema, Fragonard and Boucher, Baroque and Rococco. Again, I exhibited this work widely throughout Europe.
By 2008 my 'Riviera' adventure was over and returned to Scotland - Glasgow.
In 2009-10 I began work on a major project in Fife, 'Glenrothes Now', involving me painting in a space in the shopping mall there, recording local landmarks & involving local people to collaborate with the work. Painting in public, interested me and so after the success of Glenrothes, continuing the theme I am currently involved in a larger project in Glasgow city-centre, recording social housing, shop products, city-life.
2014 "FUNF BILDER" - Galerie Peter Schmersal, Berlin
2011 "ON THE OUTSKIRTS" - Horst Schuler, Düsseldorf (June)
2010 "GLENROTHES NOW" - Artspace, Glenrothes
2008 "EL PASO" - Horst Schuler, Düsseldorf
2006 "MODIGLIANI NUDES" - Horst Schuler, Düsseldorf
2005 "LA NOU" - Barcelona
2004 "PANTIES AND PORTRAITS" - Horst Schuler, Düsseldorf
2002 "ABUSE" - D.C.A, Dundee
2002 "HITLER" - Right Angle, London
2000 Galerie Conrads, Düsseldorf
1999 "THE CONQUEROR" - Castello di Rivera, Torino
1997 Kunstakadmie - Karlsruhe
1997 Galerie Conrads, Düsseldorf
1994 Gilmour Gallery, London
1993 Art Gallery & Museum, Glasgow
1993 Paton Gallery, London
1991 "OLD MASTERS" - Paton Gallery, London
1989 Paton Gallery, London
1987 Artspace, Aberdeen
1986 Seagate Gallery, Dundee
2010 "EAST END PROMISE", London
2010 Red Gallery, London
2008 "LIVE UNDEAD" - Transmission, Glasgow
2008 "ESKIMO", Edinburgh
2007 EL PASO VS EL PASO" - Cupar, Fife
2007 "NO MORE STARS" - Polar Cap, Edinburgh
2006 "CAMPBELLS SOUP", Glasgow
2006 Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh
2005 Galleria Allegri Arte Contemporanea, Torino
2002 Viennale, Prague
2000 C.M.C Gallery - Santa Fe, New Mexico
1997 "AFFINITA" - Castello di Rivera, Torino
1997 "EAST", Norwich
1996 "NOW WASH YOUR HANDS" - Amolfini, Bristol
1996 "PITTURA" - Castello di Rivera, Torino
1995 "DAS ABENTEUR DER MALEREI" - Kunstyerein, Düsseldorf
1995 "DAS ABENTEUR DER MALEREI" - Kunstyerein, Stuttgart
1994-98 "ELVIS & MARILYN, IMMORTAL" - I.C.A, Boston
(6 Museums U.S.A & 4 Museums Japan)
1993 John Moores, Liverpool
1992 "IMITATION GOODS" - Gilmour Gallery, London
1991 "EAST", Norwich
1990 " 4 SCOTTISH ARTISTS", Barbizon, Glasgow
1989 "JEUNE PEINURE" - Grande Palais, Paris
1988-94 Delfina Gallery, London
1987-93 Paton Gallery, London
1986 Riverside, London
1984 Scottish Yong Contemporaries
2006 La Nou, Barcelona, Spain
1997 Kunstakademie - Karlsruhe, Germany
1993 Manilva, Spain
1990-93 New York (Robert & Susan Summers( U.S.A)
1988-90 Delfina, London

1997- 2003 Duncan of Jordanstone College, Dundee
1987-1993 Glasgow School fo Art (Part-Time)
2010-2011 Second Chance, Glasgow (Voluntary)
2010 Grays School of Art, Aberdeen
2008 Duncan of JordanstoneCollege, Dundee
2008-2009 Glasgow School of Art
1996 Glasgow School of Art
1992 North London Polytechnic
1989 Newcastle
1987-97 Duncan of Jordantone College, Dundee
1987-1993 Tutor - B.A (all years Drawing & Painting)
Tutor - Postgraduate (all years Drawing & Painting)
Assessor - B.A
Course Co-ordinator (2nd Year Drawing & Painting)