Rodolfo Stanley Latin American Surrealism 1981



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20 X 20 INCHES

Rodolfo Stanley
Born 1950
Rodolfo Stanley was born in Grecia, Costa Rica, in 1950. He is a self-taught painter that since his beginnings has shown interest in certain elements like erotica, sensuality, sarcasm, irreverence, humor, irony and complaint, with a large sense of balance within the plastic components.
When he finished high school, Rodolfo began working as an assistant in the arts department of an advertising agency, two years later he became art director and began studying at nights in the Plastic Arts School of the University of Costa Rica. However, he did not study for long because at the time he was looking for a faster process.
At 27, he created his own advertising design office and began studying realistic painting with Gonzales Morales Jr. In 1979, he participated in the XEROX biennial of Central America and Panama, and won first place and $3.500, money he spent to continue his art studies and visit galleries and museums in New York, Madrid, Barcelona and Paris.
When he returned, he split his time between painting, advertising and visiting galleries in other countries, considering it was so difficult to make a living from art alone. His search gave results and he came to be accepted as an artist who created good quality and homogeneous art. This allowed him to leave advertising when he was 35 years old and live from painting in a dignified way, with important acknowledgments up until today.
After three decades of painting, Rodolfo now shows the maturity of an artist who had defined a style and world of his own, with a testimonial vision of the urban aspects of the Latin-American environment. His works are inspired by Costa Rican customs, which makes him a social painter.
Stanley had done 43 individual exhibitions, 17 of them internationally. In Europe: France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany; In the U.S.A.: Washington and Miami; In Latin-America: Panama, Venezuela and Colombia; In Asia: Japan.
He has more than 100 collective exhibitions around the world.
One work of the Serie de los Parques. Museo Comunale Busto Arsizio, Italy.
One work of the Serie de los Parques. MoLLA Museum of Latin American Art, U.S.A.
25 works of the Serie de Abstracción Corporal. Fundación Martín Robles, Spain.
34 works of the Serie de los Parques. Fundación Ralli. Museos de Arte Lationamericano, Spain, Israel, Chile, Uruguay, Switzerland, and United States.
1974 - Only Award, Illustration for a Roberto Brenes Mesén book. Ministerio de Cultura, Juventud y Deportes, Costa Rica.
1976 - Stamp Contest Award. Costa Rica.
1979 - First place Xerox International Award. San Salvador, El Salvador.
1982 - Áncora Collective Award - La Nación newspaper, San José, Costa Rica.
1986 - First Mention. XI International Contest, Asociación de Críticos y Comentaristas de Arte (ACCA), Miami, FL, U.S.A.
1988 - Honorable mention. III L&S Biennial of Costa Rican Painting, San José, Costa Rica.
1990 - Honorable mention. IV L&S Biennial of Costa Rican Painting, San José, Costa Rica.
1997 - Honorable mention. First BTC Engraving Contest, Costa Rica.