"NEW ORLEANS" Julio De Diego Modernist Woodblock 1930

ART DECO-Modernism



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Country of origin
United States
Material and techniquesPaper, ink
Very Good
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 7-7/8 - Width: 6-1/4
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$20.00 min the continental U.S.

Julio de Diego
(1900-1979) De Diego arrived in the U.S. in 1924 and settled in Chicago two years later. The artist established himself with a commission for the decoration of two chapels in St. Gregory’s Church. He also worked in fashion illustration, designed magazine covers, and developed a popular laundry bag for the Hotel Sherman. De Diego began exhibiting through the Art Institute of Chicago in 1929, and participated in the annual Chicago Artists Exhibitions, Annual American Exhibitions, and International Water Color Exhibitions. He held a solo exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago in the summer of 1935.
He remarried in 1948, becoming the third husband of Gypsy Rose Lee. The following year the two joined the traveling carnival Royal American Shows. While Gypsy worked as a performer, de Diego developed a show for the carnival using surrealist murals and the performance of Freudian themes.
De Diego settled in the artists’ colony of Sarasota, Florida, in the late sixties and remained there until his death on August 22, 1979. Reports of his years there recounted him as an animate character who entertained with tales of past encounters with famed Surrealists Andre Breton and Max Enrst, the artist Man Ray and influential Peggy Guggenheim. De Diego continued to expand his repertoire by producing the educational film Julio de Diego—Painting in Egg Tempera with the help of local resident Jay Starker. Throughout his years, life and art remained codependent entities within the artist, who noted, “A painting is not what it is, but the memory that we have a life.” 3Julio de Diego’s works capture the sweeping vision, ambition, and passion of a curious and multifaceted artist.
FRAME SIZE 11-1/4" by 14-1/4"