WMF Pair of Vases and jardiniere ( Art Nouveau)



Designer VerificationSigned
Country of origin
Material and techniquesSilver plate and glass

Vase High 36 cm / 14.17 in Long 14 cm / 5.51 in Depth 7 cm / 2.76 in Jardiniere High 19 cm / 7.48 in Long 46 cm / 18.11 in Depth 21 cm / 8.27 in WMF (Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik) Electro- Wurtemberg Plate Company in Geislingen, Germany, internationally known today as 'WMF' initials of the company Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik was founded in 1853 with 16 workers. Under the direction of Albert Mayer was influenced by Art Nouveau style. In 1914, opening factories in Germany, Poland and Austria. The origins of the firm WMF were modest, and is a lasting tribute to the vision of Daniel Straub. The first catalogs appeared in 1856-1859. The products were made of silver metal and glass among his works are candle holders, planters, punch bowls, card, flower, fruit and cutlery among others. The company was honored with several awards and international success, heralded a period of further expansion. The German Emperor Wilhelm II presented a small museum at Harvard University. In 1905, WMF acquired a majority stake in the company that manufactures Orivit AG under the name "Orivit".