Large French Abstract Painting Damien Vervust



Designer VerificationNone
Measures (Inches)
- Height: 160 - Length: 120 - Depth: 7

The artist: His plastic and graphic research links indissociably the being to the environment and gives us the outlines of a strong humanity in its determination to find a truth, fragile in its uncertainties as to the paths to take. In this symbolic expression, mineral and vegetable constitute an original raw material, which now signs a recognizable style. With the precautions of an archaeologist, Damien Vervust scrapes, punctures, fragments or assembles his precious maritime harvests, digging at the same time the trace of his emotions to update the roots. His creative drive transforms this scattered alphabet into a universal language. His paintings give to read joys as sorrows, impulses of enthusiasm that surmount fears, fragile balances, cracks and constructions. They talk about life. At first glance, these abstract works convey more concrete messages than they appear when one immerses oneself in the heart of their meticulously worked universe. If the black often imposes its symbolic strength, it is perhaps to better exalt the light of the shining gold, bronze or silver that enhances here or there a detail. The uncertain nuances of subtle glazes and the fluidity of the varnish applied to the material diffuse a soothing balance in large square formats. It's beautiful, simply.